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OPLIN 4Cast #171: Adaptive technologies

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When reading the banned librarian’s Key Takeaways for Libraries from FCC National Broadband Plan, I noticed that there was an allotment for adaptive technologies.

“The FCC found that, ‘An important and cross-cutting issue is accessibility for people with disabilities. Some 39% of all non-adopters have a disability, much higher than the 24% of overall survey respondents who have a disability.’ Major barriers include the lack of accessible websites, software, equipment and the connection speed needed to use crucial adaptive tools like VoIP. As any librarian will tell you, many people with disabilities only have access to basic adaptive equipment at their libraries. The plan concludes, ‘The federal government must promote innovative and affordable solutions to ensure that people with disabilities have equal access to communications services and that they do not bear disproportionate costs to obtain that access.’”

Following that thought, here are some adaptive technologies in the news:

Cool fact:
Ok, it really doesn’t have to do with libraries, but tattoos for the blind?