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OPLIN 4cast #65

Posted in e-mail, filtering, GDrive, Google, Internet, iPhones, net neutrality, Screen Readers, Touchscreens, wireless, and World Digital Library

This week’s 4cast:

1. ‘Net Neutrality Remains in Neutral (For Now)

The debate over net neutrality continues. While proponents believe that a neutral, non-tiered Internet allows the public to shape and control what happens online, telecommunications companies argue that increasing bandwidth demands justify their wanting to prioritize the traffic they deliver. On their side, the entertainment industry sees greater control by ISPs as a way to fight copyright infringement. It’s unclear how the government really feels about it.

2. Google & Telcos Fighting for Air

The fight over what will become of the 700-MHz broadcast spectrum (see 4cast #60, item 4) is intensifying. Google would like to see it turned into a national wireless network that allows anyone to use any mobile device to access it (probably because they’ll be selling one). But the major telcos don’t want to lose control over how their wireless devices are used. The FCC is due to set some ground rules today.

3. We’re the Government & We’re Here to Parent You

The U.S. Senate held hearings last week about children’s online safety, and while some commenters have jumped all over their bipartisan call for universal Internet filtering, others suggest that it was only one part of a more nuanced discussion about information literacy.

4. The Kids Are All Wired

Meanwhile, all evidence suggests that when it comes to the Internet and technology in general, the kids are many, many bytes ahead of the grown-ups.