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OPLIN 4cast #64

Posted in Blerp, Diigo, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Myebook,, privacy, SocialCast, and StoryTlr

This week’s 4cast:

1. Could We Have Some Privacy, Please?

Last month, when a widely read report labeled Google as “hostile to privacy,” some of the other major search engines saw a chink in the armor. has just unveiled a tool to allow users to easily anonymize their search records, and everyone else is scrambling to promote and/or change their data retention policies.

2. Harry Potter Cannot Save Everything

Named after the now-concluded series of books, the “Harry Potter Effect” has been said to permanently turn young folks from video game junkies into voracious readers. However, a current study by the National Endowment for the Arts casts some doubts on this theory.

3. Libraries, In Your Facebook

So if teens aren’t reading, what are they doing? More and more (teens and adults) are flocking to Facebook, which is now threatening MySpace for social networking supremecy. And with the recent rush by developers to create Facebook applications (see 4cast #57), libraries are trying to find new, novel ways to meet their patrons on the pages of Facebook.

4. Reports of Dewey’s Death Being Greatly Exaggerated

The Wall Street Journal just published an already much-blogged about article regarding the Perry Branch Library in Gilbert, Arizona, which is the first public library in the country to completely ditch the Dewey Decimal System (see 4cast #58) in favor of a more natural, bookstore-like organizational approach.