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OPLIN 4Cast #787: Wearable tech will be hot in 2022

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I can barely remember back to a time when there wasn’t a fitness tracker on my wrist. I’ve had several Fitbits over the years, as the tech has improved or one simply died. But fitness trackers are only one of many types of wearable technology available to consumers, and development is ongoing. Here’s a roundup of some of the latest wearables news.

  • Ditch the bulky fitness tracker. Wearable tech is getting an upgrade [News @ Northeastern] “That stiffness has been a limitation on how wearables could be deployed, Fuentes-Hernandez says. But he may have created a solution: A soft material that can stretch and flex like (and with) a user’s skin.”
  • Wearable Technology Is the Top Fitness Trend in 2022, Per Survey [Club Industry] “Last year, wearable technology was the No. 2 trend. Online training, which was last year’s top fitness trend, fell to No. 9 on the 2022 list.”
  • Wareable Hotlist: 22 wearable tech predictions for 2022 [Wareable] “If you’re wondering whether flexible fitness trackers and AR glasses are going to be the talk of the tech town year, here’s our take with 22 wearable tech predictions for 2022.”
  • Ready for Google Glass, Round Two? [Gizmodo] “People familiar with Google’s plans have told The Verge that the company hopes to ship an AR headset in 2024. Early prototypes of the device look like “a pair of ski goggles.” The wearable, codenamed Project Iris, is (obviously) under lock-and-key at Google’s San Francisco offices in a building that requires “special keycard access” and signing non-disclosure agreements.”

From the Ohio Web Library: