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OPLIN 4Cast #779: Is fashion now a technology business?

Posted in wearables

I recently attended a state library conference where masks were required. To make wearing one a little more bearable, I purchased one that allows one to change digital text that scrolls across it via an app. It attracted a fair bit of attention, and kept me amused. This digital mask and my smart watch are the only “wearables” that I own. I’ve been keeping an eye, though, on how wearables continue to evolve. Fashion is latching on to NFTs, Roblox, custom design apps and truly smart clothing, expanding the idea of wearables into new spaces.

  • DIESEL Launches the PROTOTYPE Sneaker with Accompanying NFT [Trend Hunter] “Contributing to DIESEL’s renewed, forward-thinking approach to footwear, the brand has also opted to enter the burgeoning space of NFTs and digital fashion. DIESEL and The Fabricant crafted a digital artwork based around the sneaker.”
  • The British Fashion Council launches new award category for Roblox designs [The Verge] “While it’s something of a publicity stunt, the virtual event is part of an ongoing fusion of games and fashion. Gucci previously created a surreal fashion experience inside Roblox, along with some virtual sneakers, and has partnered with esports organization 100 Thieves. Meanwhile, the likes of Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, and Longchamp have all created in-game outfits for games like Fortnite and League of Legends.”
  • Design your own forever wardrobe with the first on demand, slow fashion app [Fashion United] “Fashion designers can send quotes and get paid in the app. The communication happens and stays in the App where fashion designers constantly update customers with images and videos of their production progress.”
  • A little-known company made smart fitness clothing you might actually wear at the gym [Endgadget] “It’s limited its first wave of users to 700 people. The audience seems to be, well, the fittest friends and acquaintances you know. The ones that know what they can benchpress, their fastest 5K time, or their VO2 Max.”

From the Ohio Web Library: