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OPLIN 4Cast #774: Tattoos have gone high tech

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I admire the artistry and commitment of tattoos, but they’re not for me. (Too fickle to settle on a design, and I’m kind of wimp when it comes to pain.) But some recent tattoo-related tech news has me pondering. What if my tattoo could glow, or monitor my health? Or how about a temporary QR Code that links to an appropriate song?

  • People Keep Getting QR Codes Tattooed on Their Body [Vice] “Tattoos are a way to capture a significant memory on your skin, a permanent-ish stamp that tells a story or, at the very least, a design you vibe with. But in the world of QR codes, the ink can be scanned to become songs, resumés, Instagram profiles and even…. wait for it… vaccine certificates.”
  • Wave this device over your skin and test out a temporary tattoo design for a few days [Mashable] “With Prinker’s Tattoo Device, you can customize and print any tattoo design, then transfer it directly to the skin, where it will last up to three days… a foolproof way to live life to the fullest — without regret later.”
  • Disappearing Tattoos Set Off Existential Debate [New York Times] “A company has engineered a body ink that disappears in 15 months or less, setting off an existential debate about commitment.”
  • Could electric tattoos be the next step in body art? [BBC] “One day it will be possible to embed all necessary components in the transferable tattoo itself – including a sensor to monitor someone’s vital signs such as heart rate or skin hydration, and a power source to keep the device working for a few hours, at least.”

From the Ohio Web Library: