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OPLIN 4cast #59

Posted in AOL, Cinematic Internet, copyright, digitization, Google, Lifestreaming, StoryTlr, and VMware Server

This week’s 4cast:

1. Ask Goes 3D (Funny Glasses Not Required)

Does any other search engine stand even a remote chance of becoming as popular as Google? Many users (librarians included) point to, which just unveiled a major redesign that some are hailing as the next great, evolutionary step in search.

2. What’s That Search Engine Got That This One Don’t?

Of course, and the other “second-tier” search engines are fighting an uphill battle. Not only does Google have deeper reserves, but they’re also entrenched to the point that many searchers aren’t even aware of the alternatives.

3. Please Sir, Might We Digitize Some of Your Manuscripts?

Microsoft’s Live Search Books has been in beta since December, but only recently began adding still-in-copyright content from a slew of major publishers. The difference between them versus Google Book Search or Amazon’s Search Inside the Book? Why, Microsoft asked permission!

4. The Twits Are Getting Louder

It was still unclear back in March, but Twitter seems to be catching on across the ‘Net, signaling the dawn of another trend – micro-blogging.