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OPLIN 4Cast #730: You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch-Bot.

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When I was three, all I wanted for Christmas was Biff the Bear. My parents searched everywhere. At the eleventh hour, they saw a little girl take the store’s last one out of the box. Trying not to seem like a creepy stalker, my dad followed her around until she set it down and stepped away. The frazzled cashier was not up to hunting down the price. “Five bucks?” Dad pretended that was fair, and handed over the money.

I expect by now you’ve got your gifts in hand (or are nervously updating delivery trackers). Each year it gets harder to lay your hands on the hottest gifts. Automation, of course, is to blame. You may have to resort to following a kid around Walmart, hoping he puts down that PlayStation 5.

From the Ohio Web Library: