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OPLIN 4cast #58

Posted in Myebook, NORWELD, Online Publishing, social network websites, spam, and Valve

This week’s 4cast:

1. Microsoft Surface Has Surfaced

Microsoft recently unveiled the Surface computer – a flat tabletop touch screen that allows users to move and manipulate data with their fingers, instead of a mouse or keyboard.

2. Where Dewey Go From Here?

A new public library is opening in Arizona that has everything you’d expect, except for one small detail – the Dewey Decimal System. Instead, the library will organize its collection the way most bookstores do, by topic. Librarians aren’t sure how to react to this development.

3. Learning to Live with Being Annoyed

According to a new Pew Internet report, as the overall volume of spam continues to increase, more and more computer users are simply learning to accept that the spammers are winning. But that doesn’t mean the fight is over.

4. It’s Tough Being a Social (Network) Butterfly

A number of librarians are realizing that too much social networking can leave you little time for anything else.