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OPLIN 4cast #56

Posted in copyright, digitization, DMCA, downloads, Google, Library 2.0, Second Life, Study, TipJar, and web TV

This week’s 4cast:

1. Don’t Even Think About Making a Copy

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is pressing Congress to pass stricter copyright laws that would increase the scope of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), which is already plenty unpopular in the library world. Needless to say, the new proposals have not been well-received, nor have recent calls for eternal copyright.

2. We’ll Get You Next Time, Google

Google continues to roll out new services (like Universal Search) and features (like the new “Find this book in a library” option in Google Book Search) at a mind-numbing pace. But as their list of users continues to expand, so does their list of rivals and naysayers.

3. NPR’s Keeping Tabs on Libraries

In February and again last week, NPR aired programs discussing the evolving role of libraries in the age of digitization, and what the future may hold. You can listen to both programs at the NPR links listed below.

4. The Joost is Nearly Loose

In January it was called the Venice Project, but now it’s called Joost – a new P2PTV service aiming to freely stream television programs online with fewer commercials than regular TV. An impressive list of content partners (CBS, Viacom, CNN, the NHL, etc.) have already signed on, and beta testers are pounding away at it as it prepares to formally launch sometime before the end of the month.