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OPLIN 4Cast #704: Apple dominates tech news this week, even virtually

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Last updated on November 24, 2020

This week, Apple holds its annual Worldwide Developers Conference: the big gala held every June when Apple developers get together to learn and network, and hear the latest updates from the company. Of course, like all such mass gatherings, it has been transformed by COVID-19 and moved online. But going online has not kept Apple from dominating tech headlines this week.

  • Apple’s Intel Breakup Will Reshape Macs—and Beyond [Wired] “What an ARM-based future means for you: A world in which you don’t buy iPhone apps or iPad apps or Mac apps, but just Apple apps that work on whatever device you own.”
  • tvOS, surround-sound AirPods, and more: The other big WWDC announcements [Ars Technica] “Apple has started baking privacy features and principles directly into both its software and hardware… Users will be able to choose to show an application only their general location, rather than getting hyper-specific.”
  • Apple turns the iPhone into the key for your car [TechCrunch] “Once the key is added to the iPhone, owners can share the key with other iPhones through iMessage. When sharing, the owner can limit the permissions of the key. Again, details are light, but it seems like this will allow parents to restrict the use of a vehicle to teenagers.”
  • Apple’s ARKit 4 introduces new depth capabilities and expands face tracking to more devices [VentureBeat] “ARKit 4’s Location Anchoring supports the placement of AR experiences throughout cities, alongside famous landmarks, and elsewhere. More concretely, it allows developers to anchor AR creations at specific latitude, longitude, and altitude coordinates such that users can move around virtual objects and see them from different perspectives.”

From the Ohio Web Library: