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OPLIN 4cast #55

Posted in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Apple, Boxee, BPL, cellphones, Free, grants, and wireless

Last updated on September 25, 2007

This week’s 4cast:

1. The Landline is Dead; Long Live the Cellphone

More and more people, especially the younger set, are ditching their telephone landlines and relying exclusively on cellphones. Big business is in hot pursuit of this audience, particularly when it comes to cellphone-delivered Web services.

2. It’s a Smaller World, After All

While cellphones become more ubiquitous and feature-laden, the computer industry is also making laptop computers smaller and more portable, by replacing traditional, fragile hard drives with durable flash memory (already widely used in USB memory sticks).

3. Meanwhile, Out Yonder

Wireless broadband access is all well and good if you live in an urban area, but what are your options if the “last mile” is actually a hundred miles? Satellite, television, and power companies may each eventually play a role.

4. To Ubuntu or Not to Ubuntu?

If your library is looking to save some bucks on PC operating systems, you might be interested in installing Ubuntu, the free, Linux-based operating system that’s poised for more widespread adoption. Jessamyn West ( recently tried it out at her rural library in Vermont.