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OPLIN 4Cast #686: Connected cars know too much

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In libraries, we take pains to clear patron session data off of our computers. But are the auto dealerships and rental agencies as cautious? Turns out there’s no way to be sure that previous drivers of your rental car (or owners of your new used car) have deleted the apps and accounts that gave them access to the car’s data. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of problems that come when your car is part of the Internet of Things.

  • When Your Used Car is a Little Too ‘Mobile’ [Krebs on Security] “If you’re in the market for a used car you should probably check whether it’s possible to reset the previous owner’s control and/or information before purchasing it, or at least ask the dealership to help you ensure this gets done once the purchase is made. And if you’re thinking of selling your car, it’s a good idea to clear your personal data from the vehicle first.”
  • Rental cars can be remotely started, tracked, and more after customers return them [Ars Technica] “Enterprise said rental agreements remind customers to wipe their data from cars upon their return. The problem is that the reminder doesn’t warn renters of the risks that come when a previous customer’s app remains paired to the vehicle they are renting.”
  • Vehicle Security: What a Cybertruck Should Really Look Like [Security Boulevard] “As vehicles increasingly become technology-centric, manufacturers must make cybersecurity a priority for the security of passengers and data.”
  • Driver stranded after connected rental car can’t call home [Ars Technica] “At first, the company’s plan was to send a tow truck to tow the Prius a few miles closer to civilization, but that would be too easy.”

From the Ohio Web Library: