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OPLIN 4Cast #669: Face it, emojis are here to stay

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They’re seemingly everywhere: they’re even in the subject line of the promotional emails I get from my car dealership nowadays. They’re such an established part of our culture now that Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton even have their own. Here at OPLIN, we use them regularly for communication in Slack and we even have a custom one of the OPLIN logo. Emoji have become an established communication medium in a relatively short time. But, when’s the last time you gave some serious thought to emoji?

  • Meet the student who has created African emojis [BBC] “”Meet O’Plerou Grebet, who has created more than 350 downloadable emojis with West African cultural references. The 21-year-old from the Ivory Coast aims to study 3D design and virtual reality so he can find new ways of honouring African tradition.”
  • Ellipses and emoji: How age affects communication at work [Marketplace] ” There are four, sometimes even five distinct generations working side by side. Couple that with the fact that we now have more ways to communicate than ever before, and you sometimes end up with complications. “
  • Why we can’t stop using the “face with tears of joy” emoji [Quartz] “You are essentially trying to encode an incredibly complex set of emotional and social cues into a tiny little graphic and then hoping that the other person correctly interprets what you’re trying to convey,’ she explains.”
  • Yawning Face: finally, an emoji that embodies life in 2019 [The Guardian] ” Where is it, though? I can’t find a yawning face among the sea of little round emoting heads on my phone’s menu. That’s probably because you’ve got an iPhone. Each “vendor” is responsible for adding the new batches of emojis and Apple hasn’t done so yet. Yawning Face will be included in the iOS 13.2 update, which is due out imminently; it has been rolled out on Twitter and Facebook, as well as Microsoft, Samsung and Google devices. “

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