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OPLIN 4Cast #661: Is digital navigation going the right way?

Posted in 4cast, and GPS

It wasn’t that long ago that MapQuest ruled. Many of us remember printing out sheets of turn-by-turn directions, and being thrilled that we wouldn’t have to use a paper map to navigate. Then, GPS units for cars came along and revolutionized consumer travel yet again. Today, we now have this capability literally in our pockets, as voice-assisted navigation is standard on most smartphones.

For myself, I tend to use Google Maps, but I recently switched to Waze for the novelty of having Cookie Monster tell me where to go. As much as I love the voice and the commentary he provides, he doesn’t give out nearly as much info as Google does. I reluctantly switched back to faithful, comprehensive Google, which tells me the names of streets that I’m looking for, and not just “Turn right! OM NOM NOM.”

Map technology is changing all of the time; here’s a roundup of some recent developments. And, as you’ll see, map tech also has some issues that need to be addressed.

From the Ohio Web Library: