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OPLIN 4cast #51

Posted in blogs, Internet, LibraryThing, OPAC, Security, and wireless

This week’s 4cast:

1. Computers In Libraries (In Your Computer)

The 2007 Computers in Libraries Conference is underway in Arlington, Virginia. Maybe you couldn’t attend the conference, but you can always follow the action via the many attendee blogs.

2. LibraryThing Has a New Thing for Libraries

LibraryThing, the social network that allows book lovers to create and share their own virtual catalogs, has introduced a new service aimed directly at libraries, which enables them to enhance their existing OPACs with LibraryThing “data and functionality” (read more on the Thingology Blog).

3. Municipalities: Why Not WiFi?

Cities and towns across the country continue to jump on the municipal wireless network bandwagon. But what impact would municipal WiFi have on the public library (if any)? Recent back-and-forth letters to the The Toledo Blade (regarding a proposed WiFi network there) illustrate one facet of the argument.

4. Let’s Just Start Over With This Internet Thing

Frustrated with the over-commercialization and fundamental lack of security of the current Internet, some university researchers are wondering whether a new Internet should be built from the ground up.