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OPLIN 4Cast #635: The new Hololens brings improvements and controversies

Posted in 4cast, and Mixed reality

While we’ve likely become accustomed to at least the concepts of augmented and virtual realities, if not the actual devices, the newer idea of mixed reality is not yet one that most consumers know. This is for good reason: to date, most mixed reality has been developed for research and manufacturing, not home use. Even the Magic Leap headset, intended for average consumers, isn’t going to spread like wildfire with a price tag upwards of $2,000 USD.

The current main player in the mixed reality field is Microsoft’s Hololens. It’s found a strong foothold in a variety of industries and manufacturing. This week, Microsoft teased the Hololens 2, which has brought a variety of improvements and related news to the fore…and some of it is controversial.

From the Ohio Web Library: