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OPLIN 4Cast #633: Amazon is all over the news right now

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Amazon is having quite a week. A good deal of it has been focused on the alleged sextortion of Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos by The National Enquirer. Another issue Amazon is dealing with is the controversy surrounding its proposed NYC headquarters. Oh, and, if you’re interested, Jeff Bezos’ former home is for sale. However, Amazon has been making the tech news in several other (and some less scandalous) ways as well.

  • Amazon is acquiring home Wi-Fi start-up Eero [CNBC] “It’s Amazon’s latest push into the smart home, following the acquisition of video doorbell maker Ring last year for $1 billion. Amazon’s primary home device is its own Echo smart speaker, powered by Alexa. “
  • ‘Amazon Live’ is the retailer’s latest effort to take on QVC with live-streamed video [The Verge] “On the live shows, hosts talk about and demonstrate products available for sale on Amazon, much like they do on QVC. Beneath that sits a carousel where shoppers can browse product details and make purchases. More than one video streams on Amazon Live at the same time, so shoppers can tune to the one that most interests them.”
  • Your Smart Light Can Tell Amazon and Google When You Go to Bed [Bloomberg] “For several years, Amazon and Google have collected data every time someone used a smart speaker to turn on a light or lock a door. Now they’re asking smart-home gadget makers such as Logitech and Hunter Fan Co. to send a continuous stream of information.”
  • Stop Recycling Amazon’s Plastic Packaging [Lifehacker] ” According to a Washington Post report, Amazon’s new, non-recyclable plastic mailers are “gumming up” some U.S. recycling facilities, with consumers throwing them in the recycling bin along with other plastics. “

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