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OPLIN 4cast #50

Posted in blogs, DRM, Second Life, TweetStats, Twitter, Wi-Fi, and YouTube

This week’s 4cast:

1. Bad Manners in the Blogosphere

Recently, a prominent technology blogger named Kathy Sierra (Creating Passionate Users) received a series of anonymous, threatening messages in the comments section of her blog, leading her to cancel speaking engagements and suspend the blog indefinitely. In response, Web 2.0 luminary Tim O’Reilly has issued a Call for a Blogging Code of Conduct, which has set off an entirely new controversy.

2. Digital Copies Collecting Dust

When Google Book Search scans a participating library’s collection, it provides a digital copy back to the library at the end of the process. So what are libraries doing with their copies?

3. The YouTube War: Another Front

First, it’s the lawsuits. And now, it’s the competition. NBC and Fox are among the partners planning to release a YouTube rival later this year.

4. Purveyors of DRM Find Way to Capitalize on Anti-DRM Sentiment

To counter the rising outcry against DRM, EMI Music (one of the world’s biggest record companies) recently struck a deal with Apple to sell DRM-free music through the iTunes music store – at a slightly more expensive price, naturally.