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OPLIN 4Cast #628: Voice assistants are spreading like a fungus

Posted in 4cast, and Voice-activated assistants

I was a toddler when Star Trek first aired, and I’m told that I was a fan from the beginning. (My sister eventually learned to fake-faint so I would stop trying to make a Vulcan neck pinch work.) There’s a part of me that is thrilled that I can order electronics to do my bidding by speaking to them, although I continue to wish they would speak back to me in Majel Barrett’s voice –that might almost make it worth the trade-off in my privacy.

This week, companies have been bragging about the rapid expansion of their voice assistants, each announcement topping the last by another magnitude. With one exception: Microsoft’s Cortana doesn’t seem to be catching on, and Microsoft is showing signs of hiding it away.

From the Ohio Web Library: