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OPLIN 4Cast #624: Microsoft replaces Edge with a Chrome clone

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I used to switch to new web browsers as often as I’d change brands of shampoo. My old browser would start to bog down, and a new contender would come along with faster speeds and improved features. (Yes, there was indeed a time or three when Internet Explorer claimed my affection.) But I’ve gotten pretty set in my ways, and even though Firefox offers better speeds, Opera blocks those annoying cookie notifications, and Tor can preserve my privacy, I’ve made my home in Chrome.

Last week, Microsoft confirmed rumors that it would be switching the rendering engine for the Windows10 browser Edge to Chromium open source, becoming one of the world’s largest supporters of open source projects. Most commentators are optimistic that this is the right move for Microsoft and a positive sign for the future of application development. 

I’m pretty set in my ways, but I expect I might be willing to give the new Edge a try. And it’s been awhile — maybe I should glance around the shampoo aisle a bit.

From the Ohio Web Library: