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OPLIN 4Cast #611: Are we ready for a world full of deepfakes?

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If you’re not familiar with what deepfakes are: simply put, they are the result of artificial intelligence being applied to video footage. Words can literally be put in someone’s mouth. Someone’s face can be put on someone else’s body. Sometimes, it’s used for something innocuous, like creating dance videos. But other times, the purpose is much more sinister. Videos of politicans can be altered. Deepfakes are commonly  created for celebrity or even revenge porn videos.

Complicating the problem is that apps already exist that make creating deepfakes accessible to the layperson. And, spotting a deepfake is often difficult to impossible.

Deepfakes are banned by some sites aleady, such as Twitter, Reddit and even Pornhub. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t out there, and they are an area that is likely to be of grave concern to those of us worried about information literacy and authenticity.

From the Ohio Web Library: