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OPLIN 4cast #48

Posted in 4cast, COPA, newspapers, NORWELD, and wireless

This week’s 4cast:

1. Less Wires, More Ties

A recent Pew Internet & American Life Project Report indicates that wireless Internet use is not only on the rise, but that wireless users generally do more online than landline users. Meanwhile, more people are buying laptop computers than desktops and ISPs are reluctant to reveal where they will or will not provide broadband services (wireless or otherwise).

2. COPA-Ca-Bye Bye?

In the latest chapter regarding the never-put-into-effect Child Online Protection Act (COPA), a federal judge has once again struck it down. The judge ruled that COPA violated both the First and Fifth Amendments, and suggested that filtering technology had advanced to the point of doing a better job than this particular law ever could.

3. Old Media Looks for Itself in the Obituaries

Newspapers are having a rough time these days, struggling to generate revenue from a declining print readership. Some are trying to beef up their online offerings, but most are finding evolution to be a painful process.

4. The Security Threat One Desk Over

Several recent articles have put the spotlight on what many IT folks consider to be the biggest threat to any organization’s computer and network security – its regular, old, day-to-day users.