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OPLIN 4Cast #158: Reflecting and projecting

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Here, we sum up the last year and as a bonus, give you a glimpse of 2010.

Twitter isn’t going away, and 2009 seems to have set that in stone.  OPLIN follows a few libraries on Twitter, but it’s certain that we are missing some.  Follow us so we can follow you!  Twitter articles of interest:  2009 As Seen Through Twitter Hashtags and How Twitter Conquered the World in 2009.

Is your library on YouTube yet?  YouTube in 2009:  One Video That Ruled Them All

To sum up 2009 technology, here are the Best and Worst Tech Gadgets of 2009 from Business Week Magazine.

And now for 2010:

Cool fact from the 4Cast:
In summing up the past decade, the New York Times offered this:  Picturing the Past 10 Years.
Bonus link:  Care to guess the Single Most Innovative Product of the Decade?