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OPLIN 4Cast #600: Your home network may be under attack

Posted in 4cast, and Security

Last month, the FBI advised everyone to reboot their home routers — later upgrading their recommendation to update your firmware and do a factory reset — in an effort to thwart the spread of malware. (You all did that, right?) This past week, more threats against, and vulnerabilities from, home electronics hit the news.

Confession: I don’t think I have it in me to break my home network into separate subnets, frankly.

  • Google to Fix Location Data Leak in Google Home, Chromecast [Krebs on Security] “New research shows that Web sites can run a simple script in the background that collects precise location data on people who have a Google Home or Chromecast device installed anywhere on their local network.”
  • Prevent DNS Rebinding Attacks by Adjusting Your Router [Lifehacker] “Dorsey also suggests switching your router’s DNS to a service like OpenDNS, rather than using your ISP’s DNS, as you can then use OpenDNS to filter suspicious IP addresses out of DNS responses.”
  • Widely used D-Link modem/router under mass attack by potent IoT botnet [Ars Technica] “It’s not immediately clear what people with a vulnerable D-Link device can do to protect themselves from these attacks. Ars has asked both D-Link and Radware to provide guidance. In the meantime, people using one should strongly consider replacing it.”
  • The best home Wi-Fi and networking gear [TechCrunch and Wirecutter] “While fast and reliable internet starts with having a good provider, owning the right gear helps to support it. From network storage to the best router, we’ve compiled picks for helping you set up and secure a dependable home Wi-Fi network.”

From the Ohio Web Library: