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OPLIN 4cast #47

Posted in copyright, Google, privacy, VirtualBox, VMware Server, and YouTube

This week’s 4cast:

1. Viacom to Google: This YouTube Thing’s Gonna Cost Ya

When Google purchased YouTube late last year, there was some speculation that big-time copyright-infringement lawsuits would soon follow. Viacom, the entertainment giant that owns a number of networks aimed at younger audiences, has decided to start small – one billion dollars.

2. No One Needs to Know What You Googled Years Ago

Perhaps looking to stave off more potential lawsuits (or government subpoenas), Google has revised their privacy policy, promising users that they will obfuscate search data after 18 to 24 months, so that users will no longer be easily matched up with their search requests.

3. Search, Frown, Edit, Repeat, Smile

The creator of Wikipedia has a new project underway called Search Wikia – a search engine that will allow users to freely edit and (in theory) improve its results.

4. What Are You Doing? How About Now? Now? Still There? Now?

Everybody’s twitterin’ about Twitter. In fact, few recent trends have divided the library world so starkly.