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OPLIN 4Cast #596: Your phone’s location data…leaked

Posted in 4cast, and privacy

We’ve already talked about facial recognition this month in the 4cast, so I’m not going to cover that again. Still, there’s been a lot of news recently about uses and abuses of the technology (in Chinese classrooms, New York schools, an Oregon sheriff’s department, your own emotions) that you may want to catch up on.

But I’d like to highlight a story that’s gotten much less attention, particularly when compared to coverage of how Cambridge Analytica exploited Facebook’s lax stewardship of customer data in its political consulting. Regardless of whether you have location sharing turned on, your wireless company knows where you are, and it shares that real-time location-tracking data to companies without your consent. Further, those companies in turn have been selling (or just giving away) that information.

From the Ohio Web Library: