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OPLIN 4Cast #593: Face it, this technology is in a state of chaos

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Ever since the iPhone came out with FaceID last year, facial recognition technologies have seemingly exploded into our newsfeeds. (Although I did wonder if we’d reached peak facial recognition news when this story about it being used for cows came out.)  As with any emerging tech, there have been hiccups, outright battles and philosophical questions that have yet to be answered. In other words, it’s still a pretty messy concept, and what’s been happening recently is no exception.

  • Police face recognition misidentified 2,300 as potential criminals [Engadget] “South Wales Police are facing a backlash after they released data showing that their face recognition trial at the 2017 Champions League final misidentified thousands as potential criminals. Out of 2,470 initial matches, 2,297 were false positives — about 92 percent.”
  • Facial recognition software is biased towards white men, researcher finds [The Verge] “New research out of MIT’s Media Lab is underscoring what other experts have reported or at least suspected before: facial recognition technology is subject to biases based on the data sets provided and the conditions in which algorithms are created.”
  • Facial recognition is coming to TicketMaster events [Mashable] “With this facial recognition technology, event-goers would not need to scan a digital or paper ticket. They would just walk into the venue. And according to Blink Identity’s website, that doesn’t mean just scanning your face instead of a ticket. Attendees can just walk through venue gates, ‘at full walking speed, without having to slow down or look at the camera.'”
  • Smile, Your Face Is Now in a Database [Medium] “Congress has been clear that the Biometric Exit program is about collecting biometrics from foreign nationals but never giving DHS permission collect biometrics from U.S. citizens—but that’s exactly what DHS is doing, according to Rudolph.”

From the Ohio Web Library: