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OPLIN 4cast #46

Posted in Amazon, Cinematic Internet, DMCA, DRM, Embedding, Gmail, Google Guide, Google Latitude, HarperCollins, Library 2.0, screencasting, Second Life, social network websites, Songza, and Video books

This week’s 4cast:

1. Search Inside a Book (Once You’ve Figured Out Who Published It)

In an effort to defend their turf from the likes of Google Book Search and Amazon’s Search Inside!, mega-publishers Random House and HarperCollins have both unveiled book-browsing tools for their own catalogs. Some scoffing is heard.

2. Knocking the Entertainment Industry Down a Notch

Lawmakers recently introduced the Fair Use Act of 2007 (PDF), which would allow consumers to circumvent DRM technologies under certain circumstances (for example, librarians would be allowed to do so in order to update or preserve materials). However, some critics warn that the bill doesn’t go far enough to balance the perceived injustices of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

3. Ning’s the Thing

Ning is an online tool that allows users to easily create their own social networks. Some librarians are getting pretty into it.

4. Search Continues…

Search engines – of both the local and metasearch variety – just keep on getting better and better, leading some to lament the diminishing role that libraries are playing in helping people find information.