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OPLIN 4cast #567: Think DDoS attacks are getting worse? You’re right.

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It’s not your imagination: DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks are ramping up. Researchers at the Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis, based at the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) at the University of California San Diego, did a comprehensive study of DDoS attacks from March 2015 to February 2017. What they found far exceeded what most big companies were reporting by almost a thousand times. Fully one third of the Internet was under attack.  (And that was only a study of DDoS, not other kinds of security issues.)

  • Live Map of Cyber Attacks Shows How Big the Problem Has Become [Inverse] “As Glover-Jones pointed out, the wide scope of cyber capabilities available for hire or purchase online mean widespread attacks can be performed by nearly anyone, not just military intelligence agencies.”
  • Fear the Reaper? Experts reassess the botnet’s size and firepower [ZDNet] “A breakdown of the Reaper botnet shows that the loader used to infect vulnerable devices may have more firepower in its arsenal than a traditional DDoS-for-hire botnet. While the Mirai botnet was a point-and-shoot botnet that could be used to hose systems with vast amounts of bandwidth, Reaper can be used to run complex attack scripts on infected devices. “
  • Watch Cyberwar in Real-Time on This Live Map [Visual Capitalist] “Today’s most active battlefield is not located on the ground, in the air, or on the mighty seas. It’s taking place on the internet – and if you’re still a non-believer, spend a few minutes with the above live map to watch a representation of cyber attacks as they happen.”
  • DDoS Attacks Become More Frequent in Q3, with Linux Dominating [Infosecurity Group] “Kaspersky Lab experts also saw a growing number of DDoS attacks on gaming services, including Final Fantasy, Blizzard Entertainment, American Cardroom and the UK National Lottery.”

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