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OPLIN 4Cast #558: Drones are making news…and progress

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Drones aren’t new, but they are definitely evolving. This past weekend, at the Cleveland Air Show, more than a dozen drone groups and companies were represented (Cleveland is believed to be the first air show to admit drones, in 2014).  One spokesperson said that the drone tent was so packed, that a larger tent will likely be required next year.  Public awareness of drones has dramatically increased, especially as they continue to make headlines and to help with–and even hinder–public endeavors. This past week has been no exception, as our news roundup will demonstrate.

  • Drones play increasing role in Harvey recovery efforts [The Wall Street Journal] “For drone users, Hurricane Harvey is likely to be the event that propelled unmanned aircraft to become integral parts of government and corporate disaster-recovery efforts.”
  • Above devastated Houston, armies of drones prove their worth [WIRED] ” In the coming weeks and months, they’ll help locals assess damage to homes, roads, bridges, power lines, oil and gas facilities, and office buildings—and determine whether it’s safe to go back.”
  • Drone interferes with LA firefighters [Fox 5 News] “‘If you are flying a drone near the fire you will be found, you will be arrested and you will be prosecuted,’ Sergeant Derek Green said in a Facebook video. He said that officers had to be diverted from other duties for the drone patrols, which he said is a waste of resources.”
  • Drones edging out helicopter film pilots, videographers [CBC News] “The drone has stolen gigs and taken a hit on Canada’s small but mighty pool of film pilots and aerial videographers. It can squeeze into tight spaces and get shots the helicopter can’t — quicker, without much setup, and clad with high-quality cameras. There’s also less at stake if something goes wrong. Helicopter crashes have killed more than 30 people on film and TV sets since 1980, according to”

From the Ohio Web Library: