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OPLIN 4Cast #552: Ready to get microchipped? It’s here

Posted in 4cast, and wearables

When you think about wearables, you likely picture things like fitness trackers, smart jackets or even Snap’s new Spectacles. Get ready to expand your thinking…and possibly be creeped out. It might not be a big deal to microchip a pet, but now microchipping people is a thing.

  • Companies start implanting microchips into workers’ bodies [Los Angeles Times] “What could pass for a dystopian vision of the workplace is almost routine at the Swedish start-up hub Epicenter. The company offers to implant its workers and start-up members with microchips the size of grains of rice that function as swipe cards: to open doors, operate printers or buy smoothies with a wave of the hand.”
  • Company Offers Free, Totally Not Creepy Microchip Implants to Employees [Gizmodo] “Security is a major concern both because it presents new opportunities for hackers to steal data, and for companies to snoop on their employees. “
  • Bosses are already tracking employees with microchip implants [New York Post] “The workers volunteered to have the microchip, which is about as big as a grain of rice, implanted for free. Patrick Mesterton, co-founder and chief executive of Epicenter, an innovation and technology company, told the Australian Broadcasting Company that the microchips inserted into employees’ hands would simplify life.”
  • US tech company becomes first to microchip employees [The Independent] “They will be implanted underneath the skin between the thumb and forefinger, and will use so-called near-field communications – or NFC – which is the same technology used in contactless credit cards and mobile payments.”

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