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OPLIN 4cast #541: Will your library’s makerspace need new equipment?

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Many libraries now have makerspaces, which often include machines for 3D printing. Just as libraries have evolved to include such work spaces, 3D printing is evolving as well. Will your library be expected to be able to print out a house, sweater or electronics? Here’s a roundup of some new innovations that you may be wanting for your library’s makerspace in the not-so-far future.

  • You Could Soon Print Out Simple Electronics With Your Deskjet [WIRED] “A study published today in the journal American Institute of Physics has a proof of concept for laser-printed memory cells—basically analogous to transistors—onto flexible sheets of plastic and foil. They aren’t ready for prime time, but in the long term, printing your own memory cells could help democratize electronics just like 3-D printers did for hardware.”
  • Print out a sweater with Kniterate, a 3D printer for knitting [The Verge] “Simpler designs like scarves and ties can be knitted wholly by the Kniterate, while more complex pieces like dresses or sweaters will require a bit of assembly after the machine has done its work. The company is also developing an app to make it easy to design new patterns, add images and text, and customize the type of stitches used.”
  • 3-D printing offers new approach to making buildings [MIT News] “Ultimately, the researchers say, this approach could enable the design and construction of new kinds of buildings that would not be feasible with traditional building methods.”
  • Get 3D-printed sandals molded for your feet using just your phone [The Verge] “Using its app, the company lets you model and measure your own feet just by taking pictures of them. It uses this data to create a 3D model of your foot, and then 3D-prints an insole perfectly fitted for you.”

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