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OPLIN 4cast #539: AI is not just here…it’s expanding, fast

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AI (artificial intelligence) is not just something reserved for high-level technology research any more. Now, it’s beginning to hit the consumer market. While chatbots have become a recognized implementation, AI is going to go much further. Several of the major technology-related companies are investing heavily in AI development, and some companies are already using it to create apps or improve existing ones. If you haven’t been keeping up with AI evolution, here’s some help.

  • Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, Baidu and others just invested $80m into every AI company [Startup Grind, Medium] “In fact, over the last few years, the world’s biggest tech companies (including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, Baidu, Amazon and more) and university research labs have open sourced at least 2.5 million lines of machine learning platform code (see table below), which equates to over 650 man years or $80m in development costs.”
  • Pinterest doubles down on AI because ‘most of Pinterest hasn’t been built yet’ [Mashable] “By taking on these topics, which he describes as some of the “the most challenging problems in machine learning and artificial intelligence,” Leskovec says Pinterest will be better able to grow the company’s visual search and other features that use artificial intelligence technology. “Most of Pinterest hasn’t been built yet,” the scientist teases.”
  • AI can now predict whether or not humans will think your photo is awesome [Digital Trends] “The tool comes from Everypixel, a startup that is looking to change the stock photography market by creating a search tool that browses multiple platforms at once, giving the little guy just as much exposure as the stock photo giants.”
  • 10 Surprising Uses of Artificial Intelligence [] “Enterprising non-profits and humanitarians are using the incredible computing power of AI to tackle major social, political, and health issues around the world.”

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