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OPLIN 4cast #529: Are iPhones going to get wireless charging?

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There’s always a lot of speculation prior to the release of a new iPhone.  However, Apple just did something major that gives weight to one particular prediction: that the iPhone 8 will charge wirelessly. Apple, rather quietly, just joined the Wireless Power Consortium. The Consortium is a group of 214 companies, dedicated to promoting wireless charging via the “Qi” standard.  The Apple smartwatch already uses a modified version of Qi, so experts are predicting that the next iPhone will include this feature.

While this might seem revolutionary (and it would be…for an iPhone), this feature has already been around in many Android and even Windows phones for some time. If Apple jumps on board the wireless charging bandwagon, this feature will be be considered much more standard in phones and you may need to start thinking about how your library can support them.

From the Ohio Web Library: