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OPLIN 4cast #43

Posted in Congress, Evergreen, Federal Register, GIMP, Library 2.0, Obama, Web 2.0, and YouTube

This week’s 4cast:

1. Sheriff Roy Puts ILS Vendors on Notice

Roy Tennant recently wrote an open letter to all ILS vendors, basically alerting them that the rise of open source ILS options such as Evergreen and Koha is going to put them out of business, especially if they fail to improve the less-than-innovative systems they’re currently hawking.

2. How to Get to 2.0?

As Web technologies continue to rapidly evolve, how can libraries stay innovative? Understanding the basic principles of Web 2.0 (and seeing some Web 2.0 tools in action) can help you envision your library’s next generation of services.

3. ‘Braries on the Tube

Speaking of Library 2.0… more and more libraries are utilizing YouTube to help explain their services and goals, often with highly entertaining results. In recognition of this growing trend, this year’s Computers in Libraries conference will present the First InfoTubey Awards.

4. Stuck in the Cocoon

Library 2.0 is all about embracing change. And as the profession continues to transform, unwilling participants (i.e. libraries and librarians that stubbornly refuse to change) may simply be left behind.