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OPLIN 4cast #4

Posted in USB drives, Web 2.0, web design, and wireless

The OPLIN 4cast is a weekly compilation of recent headlines, topics, and trends that could impact public libraries. You can subscribe to it via RSS feed at

This week’s 4cast:

1. Free (maybe) Help for Your Library’s Website

Glenn Peterson (from the Hennepin County Library) recently started, a website dedicated to helping libraries improve their web services. If your library would like to improve its web presence but doesn’t have the programming expertise on staff, EP might be the solution for you. Best of all – it might not cost you a single cent.

2. Wireless, Not Lawless

Lawmakers in upstate New York have become involved in how commercial businesses secure their private customer data. Public Wi-Fi locations (like coffee shops and hotels) are also affected.

3. Stick of Dynamite?

Portable USB devices, such as memory sticks and MP3 players, are convenient and increasingly popular. But they’re also easy to misplace, and can be used to spread viruses, install unwanted software, and steal data.

4. Web 2.0 + Library 2.0 = Service 4.0?

Does all of the “2.0 talk” have your head spinning? Check out the following links to find out what 2.0 is all about, and how it might apply to your library.

4b. Squidoo? Webmonkey? Wha?

  • Squidoo is a site that allows users to build a “lens” on any particular topic, collecting material from across the web on one page (FAQ).
  • Webmonkey is a great how-to resource for web developers of all experience levels, courtesy of Lycos (Site Tour).