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OPLIN 4cast #39

Posted in Bloglines, Microsoft, NORWELD, OPAC, Pixlr, predictions, social network websites, and tutorials

This week’s 4cast:

1. Replace Your Old Windows with Linux?

Linux (pronounced LIN-ux) is an open-source operating system often associated with chilly server rooms and command line-spoutin’ uber-techies. However, in recent years great strides have been made in the development of Linux-based desktop applications and a friendlier user interface. Linux enthusiasts are hoping that 2007 is the year that ordinary computer users (and businesses) leave Windows behind.

2. Windows Vista: The Vista is Still Hazy

Some early reports on Microsoft’s new Windows Vista operating system haven’t been glowing. Microsoft is defending itself against the criticism as it prepares to roll out what could be its most disruptive upgrade in years.

3. So Long, OPAC… Hello, SOPAC

John Blyberg has integrated a number of nifty social software features into the Ann Arbor District Library‘s online catalog, like reviews, comments, and tags.

4. H0w’5 Y3r P@55w0rd?

The important information you keep at home and at work is often only as secure as the password that protects it. And according to security experts, most passwords are not very secure.