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OPLIN 4Cast #148: Human/computer interaction

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What’s on the horizon for human/computer interaction?  Are mice and keyboards a thing of the past?  Future computer use may be more about touch than hitting keys and clicking mice.

One possibility for more intuitive interaction is to use the 10/GUI multi-touch pad instead of using a keyboard or mouse.   It sits on your desk in front of touchyyour monitor.   So rather than have one cursor on the screen, you potentially have ten (one for each finger).   To “click” you apply pressure from one or many of your fingers.   From resizing and rearranging windows to opening programs, one touch does it all.

The Microsoft solutions revolve around the multi-touch mouse, with which you can touch, flick and pinch your windows instead of clicking on them, and the elusive Microsoft Surface, that blurs the line between what’s virtual and what’s real.microsoft_mouse_multitouch