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OPLIN 4cast #410: ConnectED Wi-Fi vendors

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ConnectED logoWe’ve blogged about the Federal Communication Commission’s E-Rate reforms in an earlier 4cast, so you may remember that one of the big changes is a push to use more E-Rate money to support the management and operation of Wi-Fi in schools and libraries, including installation, activation, and initial configuration of eligible components. The FCC’s “push” will come in the form of $2 billion of new E-Rate funding over the next two years for Wi-Fi upgrades, which of course has the attention of Wi-Fi vendors. Now we’re starting to see some vendors take an advantage in the rush for the new money, through their involvement with the President’s ConnectED initiative, which prepared the ground in many ways for the FCC’s E-Rate reforms.

  • Apple’s ConnectED program participation brings Macs, iPads and more to underserved schools (TechCrunch | Darrell Etherington)  “Apple’s program will put an iPad in the hand of each student at these [114] schools, give both an iPad and a Mac to every teacher and admin staff, and put an Apple TV in each classroom. It’s truly a full-coverage approach, and it should mean that these schools, at least from a technological perspective, get to stand on more equal footing with some of their better-funded peers.”
  • Apple details how its $100 million pledge to Obama’s ConnectED will help schools (The Verge | Chris Welch)  “Apple wants to see things through with its pledge to ConnectED, and that extends beyond simply passing its products around. The company says each school will be assigned a dedicated Apple Education Team that will help educators integrate the technology in lessons and ensure they can make the most of what they’ve been given.”
  • Apple picks Aerohive for ConnectED program (Network Computing | Lee Badman)  “Aerohive Networks announced today that it’s been selected as the sole WiFi infrastructure provider for ConnectED as part its relationship with Apple, which is expected to be a major provider of devices to the program. Apple plans to provide $100 million in resources to the initiative, including client devices (iPads and AppleTVs) and the Aerohive network switches and APs that will form the new infrastructure for ConnectED schools.”
  • Aerohive Networks teams with Apple to drive Obama’s ConnectED program (CRN | Kristin Bent)  “[Bill] Hoppin [vice president of business development at Aerohive] said all of Aerohive’s ConnectED implementations will be done by its partner and managed service provider, Education Networks of America (ENA). He said in addition to helping deploy Aerohive’s technology, ENA will provide schools with ENA Air, a turnkey managed services offering for wireless infrastructures.”

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