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OPLIN 4cast #35

Posted in backscatter, Google, Library vs. Internet, Lipsum, Xobni, and Zamzar

This week’s 4cast:

1. ‘Tis the Season for Looking Back

December brings the usual assortment of year-end reviews, including many that are either technology or library-related.

2. ‘Tis Also the Season for Looking Forward

December also brings the usual assortment of predictions of what we’ll be talking about in 2007 and beyond.

3. A Cat That Barks is Not a Cat

Stephen Abram has written an illuminating three-part series of articles about libraries and their attempts to compete with the likes of Google. Part 1 explores the strengths and weaknesses of Google; part 2 examines the strengths and weaknesses of libraries; and part 3 lays out some strategies that libraries can pursue in order to “get our cat to roar.”

4. The Revolution Will Be Freely Distributed

Casey Bisson, a library technology manager at Plymouth State University, recently won a Mellon Fellowship for his open source, WordPress-based OPAC called WPopac. The part that’s causing a big stir in the library community is that he plans to use some of the money to purchase Library of Congress MARC records and distribute them to libraries for free.