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OPLIN 4Cast #145: Interactive reading

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Interacted with a good book lately?


Level 26 – It’s a book…and it’s also a series of movie clips…and an interactive website.  Anthony Zuiker, who created the “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” television series, is releasing what he calls a “digi-novel” and it combines all three media types. That’s exciting news for the publishing industry and for the libraries that will carry this title!

From Resource Shelf:  “Zuiker has created “Level 26,” a crime novel that also invites readers to log on to a website about every 20 pages using a special code to watch a “cyber-bridge” — a three-minute film clip tied to the story.”  Readers are encouraged to discuss and contribute to the story online.

Zuiker is not the first to do this.  See also 39 Clues and Patrick Carman’s Skeleton Creek.  There is also the Cathy’s Book Series by Sean Stewart and Jordan Weisman, which uses Web sites, phone numbers and emails to create “Fourth Wall” interactive stories.  Then there are the recent interactive editions of Esquire and Entertainment Weekly magazines that featured videos.

We’re not necessarily recommending this particular book, but this multi-media approach to reading appears to be a trend that libraries may encounter.  How will you publicize it?  How will you accommodate fans?  Will you feature the links on your website?