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OPLIN 4cast #27

Posted in e-mail, Firefox, instant messaging, and Internet Explorer

This week’s 4cast:

1. Browsers Buffed & Braced for Battle

New and improved versions of the two most popular web browsers have just been unleashed. In this corner, it’s the latest version of Microsoft’s reigning champion, Internet Explorer 7. And in the opposite corner, it’s Mozilla’s up-and-coming contender, Firefox 2.0.

2. Second Lives Impact First Ones

Second Life is a virtual, online world that went public in 2003. Now home to over a million players, it’s beginning to have an impact in the real world, as players spend more time, create businesses, and exchange real money within the game’s framework. Will public library computers see more and more of its “citizens” living at their workstations?

3. E-Mail’s for Fogeys

For new generations of computer users, e-mail is about as useful as sending a telegram. So has your library embraced instant messaging yet?

4. Remote Possibilites

Several library bloggers have recently pointed out that when potential library patrons cannot or don’t want to come to the library, it’s still important for the library to try and supply them with cards.