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OPLIN 4Cast #126:RSS readers, 2008, 2009, Online RA

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1. RSS readers — how do you chose?
This article from the Washington Post evaluates four readers to help you determine which one will best suit your needs.  Here are the addresses for the four readers discussed:

2. Readers Advisory – online style
There are many online ways to track what your readers have read or want to read.  Besides the OPLIN about:books service (which aggregates many popular online RA sites), there’s LibraryThing, Shelfari, and now Reading Trails, which was all the buzz in the Twitterverse yesterday.  These services also provide readers advisory, a core library service.  How about creating your own online RA service?  From audio, to video to a simple list of staff favorites, here are some good examples of how you can use technology to promote your collection.

3. Thinking back…

4. Moving forward…