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OPLIN 4Cast#122: Dimdim, Zamzar, Lipsum, Blogs to check out

Posted in 4cast, Dimdim, Lipsum, NORWELD, and Zamzar

Bill Hardison, Computer Services Coordinator at NORWELD, was asked what four sites he found particularly interesting at Internet Librarian 2008.  We thought you might like to see them, too.

1. Dimdim is an open source, web-based meeting place where you can video conference, chat, and share slides.

2. Zamzar is the place for free file conversion – document, image, music/audio and video.  Simply upload your file, select what type of file you want it to be, and then it will be converted and e-mailed to you.

3. Lipsum creates placeholder text (gibberish, actually) for those who design web page layouts.

4. Some tech and library blogs to follow, if you don’t already have them in your reader: