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OPLIN 4cast #19

Posted in AJAX, Blogger, BookMooch, DMCA, DRM, DVDs, and Windows Live Writer

This week’s 4cast:

1. You Don’t Know AJAX?

Does your website feel sluggish and uncooperative? Maybe it needs some AJAX (short for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML). AJAX is a web development technique that helps websites feel more interactive, responsive, and well… just a whole lot slicker.

2. Mooching Gets Legit

BookMooch is a new service that allows people to give away their old books in return for other peoples’ old books. And it’s free – a point system prevents you from only taking and not giving. Even more – moochers can donate their points to libraries.

3. DVD Sales Lagging, Industry Grapples With Copy Restrictions & Fair Use

With DVD sales in decline, some sections of the industry want to ease copy restrictions that prevent consumers from legally making digital copies of movies. At the same time, other sections continue to fight to protect their clunky copy protection measures of old.

4. Take Two Beta Bloggers & Leave a Comment in the Morning

The blogosphere evolved last week when the two biggies released beta versions of their respective blog publishing software – Windows Live Writer (Microsoft) and Blogger (Google).