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OPLIN 4cast #18

Posted in Amazon, BPL, Netflix, Wikipedia, and WorldCat

This week’s 4cast:

1. The WorldCat’s Meow

In their ongoing effort to make library materials easier for the general public to find, OCLC recently unveiled a new WorldCat website that allows users to easily find items in over 18,000 OCLC-member library catalogs.

2. Amazon, Netflix & You

Amazon‘s new Library Processing service is designed to streamline the prepwork involved in purchasing items from Amazon and getting them onto library shelves. One librarian sees this as a possible way for libraries to develop a Netflix-like delivery model for their patrons.

3. Wikipedia Pedals Onward

As the debate over Wikipedia continues to rage, the ever-expanding website reveals new efforts to improve itself.

4. One Line, Two Services?

Various places around the country are becoming more interested in Broadband over Power Lines (BPL), a technology which uses the existing power infrastructure to also deliver high-speed Internet service. Rural areas could especially benefit.