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OPLIN 4cast #17

Posted in Google, Library 2.0, productivity, web TV, and YouTube

This week’s 4cast:

1. Primetime @ the Library?

As more and more viewers flock to YouTube and other websites offering increasingly television-like experiences, how long will it take before libraries find their public access computers overrun by couch potatoes?

2. Talkin’ Library 2.0

A lot of librarians have been, as of late.

3. Get Out of the Office

Tired of Microsoft Word thinking it’s smarter than you are? Luckily, Microsoft is no longer the only game in town when it comes to productivity software.

4. Google Desktop Just Can’t Stop

Google continues to expand the functionality of its Google Desktop search program. Lifehacker columnist Wendy Boswell recently wrote a series of articles with tips for getting the most out of Google Desktop.