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OPLIN 4Cast #108: YouTube Screening Room, Medical Records Online, Google Map Maker, Tag Clouds

Posted in 4cast, Flickr, Google Apps, Google Maps, Kido'z, KidZui, Library of Congress, Panda Cloud Antivirus, privacy, tagging, YouTube, and ZuiTube

1. YouTube is going semi-pro.
There is a spot on their site called the Screening Room. The videos are now longer, better quality and available for purchase.

2. How private and secure are our medical records?
With privacy always at the front of our minds here in Ohio libraries, patrons viewing their medical records online could certainly push the limits. It may just increase the number of medical reference questions you get as well. (Don’t forget about Consumer Health Complete and Net Wellness!)

3. Want to feel like Lewis & Clark?
While not available in the US yet, it’s likely that each one of us will eventually be able to contribute something from our neighborhoods to Google Maps using Google Map Maker.

4. A tag cloud is a visualization of word frequencies.
Here’s an idea…let’s go against nearly every Library of Congress subject heading and let the PEOPLE tag information into their own subject categories. How anti-librarian is THAT? Actually, it may be a great idea! At a glance, readers can tell what’s talked about, or tagged, the most. For a funny example of tagging, click here. To see real life applications and creation tools, see below.