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OPLIN 4Cast #106: Spear phishing, .info, playing around, tech TV

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1. Reel ’em in
The scammers know who you are when it comes to spear phishing. Instead of pumping out millions of emails to anybody and everybody, spear phishers send out their scams only to people they know will be susceptible to the scam. For example, if you normally trade stocks online, you may see something for a bank you normally use. (Of course, it’s not really the bank, just someone trying to get your account info.)

2. Do you have a .info domain?
If so, it may be flagged by antivirus software as dangerous or potentially dangerous to visitors. According to McAfee, it flagged 11.7 percent of .info sites that way. A little more than 5 percent of the sites under the .com domain — the world’s most popular — were identified as dangerous.”

3. Let’s play!
Back in the day, games were outside and computer screens were for top secret government agents. Not any more! Whole body gaming technologies are getting more realistic and the creator Simm City has created a new game that will be released this month, which will surely bring people inside. Barbies are even going tech. Hey! Want to save the Orlando Public Library materials stolen by aliens?

4. TV news
Sometimes it’s difficult to know where your TV ends and your computer begins. The convergence of the two technologies is becoming more and more evident as inventors, production crews and software companies work together to bring more to your screens. Libraries need to make sure that they have enough workstations and bandwidth to support the merge.